About the Carpenter…

John L Edmondson, Owner and Operator of Pine Pride Custom Cabinets 
Family owned business for 23 Years 

Welcome to our Website! 

We started Pine Pride Custom Cabinets in 1996.  My uncle and I worked together as partners, for 14 years, until he retired and I became the sole owner.  He taught me a lot of what I know. 

I have lived in Idaho, off and on, my whole life.  I am an avid sportsman and love to hunt, fish and work with my hound dogs.  My love of wood working began in high school shop and continued through part-time jobs after school.  I have also worked for various cabinet/furniture shops, throughout the years.  By working with other skilled craftsman, I received a lot of hands on experience and training. I also like to watch a lot of YouTube videos and home improvement shows, just to keep up with the ever-changing trends, and to gain new ideas. 

I have not always been a cabinet maker.  I have been a mill wright, a welder fabricator, and an assistant engineer.  During the recession in 2008, I started up a chick hatchery. My brother was a big part in helping build the incubators I needed for hatchery.  I quit the hatchery in 2014 as it was not sustaining itself anymore.  However it had done a good job of getting us through some hard times, when cabinetry jobs were slow! 

Here at Pine Pride, we have always done the very best job we could for our customers. We pride ourselves on building a nice project for a fair price.  As I build custom cabinets, I do my best to do what the customer wants and build it the way they ask. I can design a kitchen from a blank space or customers can bring me a drawing of what they want. 

Here at Pine Pride, estimates are always free!  I love to come out and see what your project is and what you’re wanting to see done.  The best part of this job is that most of my customers become very good friends, when we are done with the project.  And many of my customers come back with future projects as they love the quality, I can provide them. 

I am a one-man shop.  I do the majority of the build in my Payette shop.  Then I complete the delivery and install with the finishing touches. By doing it this way, I know the product going out the door is my standard of high quality and if there is a mistake, I can only blame myself. I do get some help on installs, with my son-in-law, now and again.   

So, if you drop by the shop and I am not there, just know I am probably out installing someone’s dream cabinets or I am not far away.  Please call and if I am close by, I can potentially come back or we can set up an appointment time to meet!